Marilyn performs at New York City's legendary Birdland
with Cameron Brown (bass), Cornelius Bumpus (sax) and Billy Drummond (Drums).



Bruce Brown (
Good Bait (Bruce Brown/Tadd Dameron)
I Can't Be Choosy (words & music - Bruce Brown)
Lonely in Heaven (words & music - Bruce Brown)
Love Finds You (words & music - Bruce Brown)
Anyway You Want Me (words & music - Bruce Brown)

Bob Dorough ( - BMI
NOTHING LIKE YOU (lyric by Fran Landesman - music by Bob Dorough)
WITHOUT RHYME OR REASON (lyric by Fran Landesman - music by Bob Dorough)
I'VE GOT JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING (words & music - Bob Dorough)
COMIN' HOME BABY (Duet) - (lyrics by Bob Dorough - music by Ben Tucker)
THERE'S NEVER BEEN A DAY (words & music - Bob Dorough)

Lorraine Feather ( - ASCAP
Five (Feather/Morales)
Where are My Keys? (Morales/Sampson/Feather)
The Green Flash (Feather/Grusin)
The 101 (Feather/Ellington)
The Speed Of Light (Feather/Mandel)

Marilyn Harris ( - ASCAP
Ain't Got Nothin' On You (Marilyn Harris/Hale Smith)
Don't You Know Me (words & music - Marilyn Harris)
Extra Baggage (words & music - Marilyn Harris)
Future Street (Mark Winkler/Marilyn Harris)
Love Means Never Having To Say Goodbye (words & music - Marilyn Harris)

Mark Winkler ( - ASCAP
Like Jazz (Mark Winkler/Larry Steelman)
In a Lonely Place (Mark Winkler/Marilyn Harris)
Easy the Hard Way (Mark Winkler/Don Grusin)
Another Night (Mark Winkler/Dan Siegel)
Rainbows (Mark Winkler/David Benoit)
Beauty and the Beach (Mark Winkler/Ed Arkin)
Trio (Emilio Palame/Mark Winkler)
Kelly's Moods (Mark Winkler/Ed Arkin)
Insomniac (Mark Winkler/Marilyn Harris)
In a Minor Key (Jim Andron/Mark Winkler)
Scattin' in the Moonlight (Jim Andron/Mark Winkler)

Mark also recommends....Bobby Troup songs: Lemon Twist - Three Bears - Hungry Man -Learn to Love - The Blues Is All I Ever Had - Daddy - Snootie Little Cutie

....Laura Nyro songs:
Emmie - I Never Meant to Hurt You - He's a Runner - Angel in the Dark - Buy and Sell

....Plus: Toys In The Attic (George Denning/George David Weiss)
Lonely Woman (Horace Silver/ Leonard Feather) - I Know How To Do It (Leonard Feather)
Painted by Memory (Burt Bacharach/Elvis Costello) -Be Cool (Joni Mitchell) - Strollin' (Prince)
Partners In Crime & Moonfall (Rupert Holmes) - The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (Jimmy Webb)

Marilyn also recommends....Dave Frishberg songs: Listen Here - You Are There - El Cajon - Heart's Desire
Miles (Jack Perricone) ASCAP
Pull My Daisy (Allen Ginsberg/Jack Kerouac/David Amram) BMI

Marilyn and jazz songwriting legend Bob Dorough.

  Co-writer Mark Winkler & Marilyn perform at IAJE panel  - - - - - - -  and pose at IAJE Registration.   

Marilyn and Mark Winkler together after each sang at Birdland.

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