Marilyn Harris has been reviewing, analyzing and clearing commercial music for air since 1996. Her background includes the study of Composition and Form & Analysis with noted musicologist Hale Smith, who provided expert testimony in the famous "My Sweet Lord/He's So Fine" trial involving George Harrison of the Beatles, as well as other celebrated music copyright infringement trials. In addition to earning an undergraduate degree in Composition from the University of Connecticut, Ms. Harris has done post-graduate work at the Eastman School of Music and UCLA, as well participating in Lehman Engel's BMI Musical Theater Workshop, ASCAP's Musical Theater Workshop, study with Sheila Davis and Jack Segal at The Songwriter's Guild of America.

In the 1970s Marilyn worked with classical composers Gian Carlo Menotti and Carman Moore, as well as doing extensive work with famed jazz composer/arranger Gil Evans. She has worked as a composer, arranger, producer and performer in advertising music for more than 25 years, participating in major campaigns for many of America's largest advertisers (Amoco, McDonald's, Kraft, Kellogg's, United Airlines, Chrysler, Cadillac, American Airlines, Pontiac, Budweiser, Twix, Disney, Hallmark, Subway, Keebler, Reebok, American Movie Classics, Chevrolet, Nabisco and Proctor & Gamble, among others). She's composed, performed and produced over 200 music cues for ABC-TV's "General Hospital", scored episodes of the animated "Flintstone Kids" for Hanna-Barbera, and provided original music scores and themes for such diverse projects as BBC-5's hit radio drama "Milford-Haven, U.S.A." (Great Britain), "Yogurt Variations" for the New Britain Symphony Orchestra, the theatrical play "Sea Marks" and the audio book music scores to "The Hidden Legacy", "Stickeen", and "Travels In Alaskaā€¯.

For her credits as a recording artist, please refer to http://marilynharris.com or do a search for "Marilyn Harris" on http://www.allmusic.com .

It can be said that Marilyn Harris is a musical "woman for all seasons" - excelling as a composer, arranger, music producer, songwriter, lyricist, and music editor - all of which which makes her a unique musicologist! Over the years Marilyn has studied and researched all facets of music. She is someone who understands music from the inside out - someone who relies on more than a computer database for research and analysis - but also draws on years of experience as a musician and an exhaustive knowledge of popular songs for the last 100 years. Combined with her keen understanding of the copyright statutes and knowledge of copyright law, Marilyn Harris delivers "the whole package" and provides television, movie studios and advertisers and their clients peace of mind in their music choices.